Saturday, September 27, 2008

Farmers Market

Ontario finally had a free Saturday, so we decided to clean out the car (which had been smelling like moldy orange and getting progressively dirtier) and then hit up the Provo Farmers Market.
After a yummy late breakfast of bacon, eggs and pancakes, we set out.

We had a fun time working as a family getting the car cleaned out, and it smells and looks much better now! Luckily the moldy orange was in a garbage bag we thought we had thrown out, but hadn't. It made cleanup a lot easier than if it was ground into the carpet. :)

The Farmers Market was awesome. It's pretty small, but we ended up going on the day they had a bunch of stuff sponsored by the Boys and Girls Club. It was just cool to see all the booths, and there was a fun carnival atmosphere. 

It was Tari's first time going, so it was fun showing him some of my favorite booths, and then deciding together what we wanted to get. We ended up with some earrings and a ring for me (thanks Babe!) and a cookie and homemade soap for him. Plus some pears and yummy fresh squeezed strawberry lemonade for everyone. 

After we had wandered around the booths for awhile, we took Gabe over to the park. He loved swinging with his dad, and grinned big enough that we could really see his teeth, which is hard to do usually. Then his daddy took him to play on the jungle gym, where Gabe proceeded to CLIMB THE SLIDE. This kid isn't even a year old, and he is already a monkey! He did it without any help. Luckily it was the small slide, so I didn't get totally freaked out. Then he climbed the ladder portion of the jungle gym to get to the tallest slide, and slid down that with no fear. This kid loves adventure.

All in all, it has been a great Saturday so far. I still get to finish my talk, do some laundry, and then go to the General Relief Society Broadcast. I'm pretty excited. 

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yay for Packages!

I just got a package, and it inspired me to write this blog as a shout out to flylady. Who is flylady, some of you are asking? She is my sanity and the person who keeps my household running smoothly. Her real name is Marla Cilley. Check out her website at Basically, it's a home organization system for people whose minds work like mine, but it is also much more then that. I truly believe that she is an inspired woman, who is helping thousands of people. My package had my calendar and my dryer cleaning kit, and I am super excited to use both. I guess that shows that I am a nerdy mom type person now, when I get really excited about household tools. I do though! I love having good tools! Anyway, this post is dedicated with gratitude to the wonderful flylady. I'm off to calendar now.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weaning time

So, the time has come at last to wean Gabriel. We started about a week ago and things are going pretty well. I think it's obvious my body was done, since I haven't had any engorgement at all, even though we have cut him down pretty drastically from nursing whenever to maybe once a day. I guess the pregnancy hormones have pretty much shut down milk production. Luckily, he has taken well to a bottle (Raw goats milk, rice bran syrup, and molasses. Glad it's not me drinking it) and hasn't been too upset when we have had to say no to nursing. He slept through the night two nights ago, but last night was up and down quite a bit. It never mattered before because I didn't have to wake up to feed him, but now I am grateful for every time he settles back down without a bottle!

In baby news, we found out that our insurance WOULD pay for it, although with many warnings about it being out of network, a non provider, and probably horribly dangerous. Also many warnings that the deductible would be $3000, as opposed to $1500. That wasn't ever really an issue though, since we won't even hit the lesser deductible, with all costs included.'s nice to know that it's taken care of, and we can use our other money for a new computer, since ours died and I have to use Tari's school laptop that has to be returned soon. 

I've been feeling incredibly pregnant lately, and am starting to waddle. Also, I am hungry all the time while feeling very full. Our kids always seem to sit right up inside, snuggled in amongst my internal organs. Not very comfortable. This one isn't too big yet though, so it isn't really bad. They are still in the acrobatic flipping around and practicing kickboxing moves stage. I actually love this part of pregnancy. It's so amazing feeling someone growing inside of you!

Gabe is doing great, apart from the weaning. He has anywhere from 3-5 teeth. He won't ever let me look to get an accurate count, and it's hard to guess from feeling (which he also hates). He is going to be a jack-o-lantern though, since none of them are in the usual first teeth places. He has two for sure on the bottom, on the left side. Then he has one, possibly two canines on the top. I can't wait till they get a little bigger and you can really see them when he smiles. 

In other news, Tari and I have to give talks on Sunday about preparing for General Conference. Any suggestions on what your favorite way to get ready is?  

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Playing at the Park

This morning Gabe and I walked to North Park, about 6 blocks from our house. I had to stop halfway there for a little rest break. I'm obviously super out of shape, pregnant and have a gammy leg. However, I'm very glad we went because the weather is gorgeous and Gabe loved it. 

It's funny watching him at the park. He has no fear, and hasn't figured out things like gravity. He really likes trying to catch up to the other kids, and climbing the jungle gym. He has only really started walking this last week, but he doesn't let that stop him. He also snacked on some wood chips, but I tried to keep that to a minimum. 

Right now I'm waiting for the lasagna from last night to heat up for lunch. It was super tasty. I always get kind of nervous about my cooking, but I usually end up loving it. Is it stuck up of me that I really like my own cooking a lot? I really enjoy anything that is tasty, and I love trying new recipes. I've actually been considering going to culinary school. It's the only thing I can think of that I would really enjoy studying.