Saturday, May 30, 2009

Picture Proof

Tommy's Aunt Marie has been saying for a long time (well, a long time in Tommy's short life!) that he looks A LOT like she did as a baby. So, she finally sent photographic proof.

Compare for yourself. All of these pictures are of Marie as a baby.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A video for you all

Sorry about the awkward part with Ontario...

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Farmers Market

Happy family

Gabe meeting the guinea hens. You can't see how really excited he was about them.

Keep those birds in!

Cute. Just....cute!

We ventured off to the Farmers Market today with Heidi and another friend from the ward. What fun! We looked at all the wares, tried some various foods (homemade donuts, authentic tacos and navajo fry bread with honey butter...yum!) and played on the jungle gym. Heidi got some cute pictures of Gabe meeting the guinea hens, Tommy being cute in his stroller, and our family being happy. You can't really tell in the pictures but the boys are wearing matching onesies.

Tari's favorite part was the cool indie band with bicycle powered equipment ( that had some fun songs and audience participation. My favorite was the navajo fry bread. I will definitely be getting that again!

I think I'm getting strep throat. Lame! Well, it is now almost 2:00am. Definitely time for bed! Goodnight all!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Moment of Peace...

My darling husband (who only got 4 hours sleep last night) just told me to go and have a break while he watched the kids and cleaned up dinner. How sweet is that. I decided to take the few minutes to blog, since I do that so rarely...hahaha.

We have had such a fun month. Ontario's sister came to visit and we did lots of fun things. We camped in Moab, went to Goblin Valley ( SOOO cool!), saw a lot of wildlife, and some not so wild life (the baby lambs kept butting Gabe), went to Park City, spent a day in SLC, played games, went hiking, watched crazy french movies with the worst subtitles ever, and enjoyed just visiting and catching up. It was such a fun, enjoyable visit. I sometimes get ready for visits to or from people to end early, but this one could have gone on much longer. We will miss her and I hope that she can come back again soon!

Bum lambs at the "9 Mile Kanyon Bunk N' Breakfast

Family picture at Arches National Park. Gabe is so overcome with the majesty of the view that he has to drink his bottle.

Moonrise in Goblin Valley...beautiful

The cool alien-esque scenery of Goblin Valley. You are allowed to hike and climb on these. Gabe loved it.

More majestic views at Arches

3 handsome guys and one crazy shadow

Tommy and Mommy in their sweet hiking wrap. It also gives him nice sticky out ears. So cute!

This whole month is very crazy. We have 2-3 more trips planned, not to mention various calling responsibilities, some planning for new arrivals in the summer, and other summer activities. I'm excited, but trying not to get overwhelmed before stuff even happens.

The baby is crying...I should probably go rescue my sweet husband. Later everyone!