Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Looking for Mom Jeans...

So, I recently had my sixth baby, go me! It was an awesome labor and birth, and I am loving my little snuggle bug. However, I am now facing the same problem I always have when pregnant: clothes.

Here is how it works: I have a couple of pairs of pants, that fit okay, but aren't really flattering, and/or have stains, holes, or rips. I also have shirts (more than pants, but still not a huge selection) that I mostly have inherited from other people, that are *fine* but also usually have holes and stains. Most of what I have that is cute or stylish are gifts from other people. I think, "I need to buy some new clothes" and then I find out I'm pregnant. Then I say, "Well, I'm not going to go buy new pants now, I'm going to have to switch to maternity clothes soon!" For the record, most of my maternity clothes are cuter than my regular wardrobe. Although this time around, I think the fact that it was my 6th pregnancy is showing, because my maternity clothes are also really hammered. I have maybe one pair of maternity pants left that don't have huge holes in the butt or waistband. Anyway, then I have the baby and I just wear pajamas for a few weeks, which is awesome. THEN I decide, "It's time to start wearing real person clothes again!" and I go to pull out my pre pregnancy wardrobe and I find...sadness. I only have those clothes that I was wearing to get my by until I switched to maternity things. I literally had a sweet old woman tell me she wished that could also get out and garden, because it was apparent from what I was wearing that I had just been doing some hard manual labor that required using my grubby clothes. And then I had to explain that no, this is just what I wore all the time. Cue the "womp-womp" music.

Pre baby I had been trying to decide what to do, and I discovered capsule wardrobes. I love the concept, and think that it is my solution to attempting to look somewhat put together. Here is my problem. I will start by saying I am not a clothes horse, nor a shopaholic. I do not buy clothes (almost ever) and don't have closets overflowing with tons of cute things that just don't work for me. When I went through and Kon-Mari'd my clothes, I got rid of everything that didn't spark joy. Then I had to go through and pull some of it back out, because I quite literally would have been naked. This is not a case of needing to go through and pare down to my essentials, I don't HAVE essentials. Also, I am really bad at accessorizing, wearing make up, and doing my hair in cute styles. I have 6 boys (yes, all of my kids are of the male persuasion) and I barely have time to shower on a regular basis. I need clothes that all match, that fit in my small closet, and that flatter me without me putting any thought or effort into it.

This brings me to my jeans issue, and the main topic of this post. I am 33, soon to be 34. I have had SIX kids. My body does not look like it did when I was 24. I am fine with that! I actually really hate our cultures focus on "getting your pre-baby body back!" because I think that we should celebrate the changes that come from becoming a mother, and recognize that it will leave physical marks. My hips are higher than they used to be. I have more curves, and I am rounder. I don't desire to change all that. I DO desire to find pants that @*&#$T FIT. I am willing to pay more money a few times to buy something that I love, and can wear often, instead of shelling out $20 repeatedly for something that will wear out and not be flattering after 3 washes. So, please help me out here. This is what I am looking for:

1. Fit. I have more curves now, and I have always been more on the bootylicious side of things. I want something that does not cut into my waist, or give me a muffin top.

2. A basic, good wash. No whiskering, no distressing, no weird embellishments. I don't need giant holes, I already have pants with holes.

3. I want something that will maintain it's flexibility and not get all saggy after being worn for an hour. I hate having to constantly adjust my pants.

I just want good mom jeans. Is that so much to ask? I want a couple of pairs of jeans, probably one straight leg and one boot cut, and maybe one pair of jeggings I can wear with boots. I'm going to have to stop wearing pajamas soon, and I don't having anything to wear. Send me your recommendations!