Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning (of sorts)

I haven't really cleaned my kitchen in two days. I at least did most of the dishes last night, but I haven't wiped down counters, cleaned the table, or swept since Monday evening. I guess my boys decided it was time to do a little deep cleaning, because they spilled wildberry smoothie all over the linoleum and the table. Definitely need to mop.

But wait...what is this? Oh yeah...they took the smoothie into their bedroom. So I am not just cleaning the kitchen, I also had to borrow a carpet cleaner and clean smoothie out of the couch, carpet, sheets, teddy bear, lambskin, and my wedding quilt (which got it the worst! :( ). I ordered pizza for dinner.

On a cuter note, while spending the morning at our good friends house, Savannah (Gabe's BFF) asked her mom if she could go outside.
"Yes, we can go outside later."
"With Gabe and Tommy?"
"Yes, with Gabe and Tommy"

When Gabe heard that he perked right up and pointing very excitedly to himself said, "Gabe right here! Gabe right here!" It was super funny. His super excited facial expression was the best part.