Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Casting of "The Hunger Games"

So, my friends Mel and Lizzie posted their versions of a dream cast for the Hunger Games trilogy. I decide to do my own post in their honor, so this is dedicated to them. I think the casting speaks for itself...




Mrs. Everdeen







President Snow:




Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tommy and I are both in the recovery stage of a nasty cold, so we stayed home from church today (Asher also stayed home, by default). The boys went down for a nap, and I decided to look through what pictures we had on the computer so I could update our profile. There were a lot that Ontario had downloaded from his phone, mostly from the last six months. There were a lot of things documented: Gabes birthday, visiting the pumpkin patch, Johnny's wedding, trips with family to various locations, the move, playing with cousins, just pictures of the boys being cute. It was fun, and also a little sad. It made me really homesick for Utah, especially for the friends that are now too far away for us to play with regularly. It made me grateful for the relationships we have with those people, and the knowledge that it is easier then ever to stay in touch. It also made me laugh, remembering a lot of the things that we did. One of the funniest things was finding pictures of the boys helping out by decorating the day before we moved. Luckily, my good friend was there helping out and it all cleaned up surprisingly well. I just have to post them here, since it's very true that in this case a picture is worth a thousand words...

In other news, the oven repairman told us that the problem is with the main breaker and we have to call an electrician and in the meantime we shouldn't use the oven, and then the stove "repairman" took out the old range, threw it away, and THEN found out that the new top didn't fit. So we are trying to figure out what foods can be cooked in the microwave, and enjoying this new adventure, that hopefully won't last any longer than tomorrow morning.