Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Don't expect any updates anytime soon!

Due to my unfortunate broken arm (no, seriously, I DID break my arm, I am not just avoiding communication!) don't expect much in the way of blogging for the next couple of months (until I am out of the sling!).

For those of you who want more details, on August 19th (last Wed), I was decorating for my friend Krissie's lovely backyard wedding. I climbed onto the outside of the deck to hang some curtains, but when I went to grab one of the cross supports, it turned out the wood had rotted and I fell 6 feet, onto my right shoulder, breaking my humerous bone (no, it isn't funny!) and bruising myself pretty badly.

The break is too high for a cast, so the doctors estimate I will be in a sling for 2 months, with no heavy lifting for 4 months, which is not easy when I am the mom of two very active little boys. Since I can't even use my left arm very effectively without hurting the broken one, I am not doing a lot! I am grateful to have such great friends and family who love me and who are helping me cope with everything that needs to be done!

And don't complain that I managed to blog this alright with a broken arm--because I actually dictated the whole thing, and had somebody else do all of the actual typing.

Monday, August 10, 2009

A brief moment for clarifiying...

I didn't realize when I wrote that last post that it sounded like we are adopting. Sorry for all the confusion. We are not adopting, we are hosting JiYoung (english name Alice) for a full school year as she attends High School in the USA. We already feel like family, however, so we have gotten into the habit of referring to her as our, "Korean Daughter". As much as we would love to keep her, she will be returning to her own family next year. I will try to post some pictures of our fun times together. That should be easier now that we have found the camera cord.

A brief moment for blogging...

We leave in about an hour to pick up our new korean daughter. I'm a little nervous, but also excited. We have spent the morning decorating her room, and I hope she likes it. It's actually the first room in our house that we have made an effort to decorate. Hopefully this will start a trend and we will get our pictures hung up. After all, we have only been living here a little over a year.

The boys are so amazing. Tommy is THIS close to crawling. He can get up on his hands and knees, and rock. Usually he goes straight to chest diving, since that gets him closer to his goal object. I think he will be crawling before his aunt arrives in a week.

Gabe is quickly learning many new words, mostly automotive related. He LOVES cars, and anything to do with them. He can hear a motor anywhere in the house, and recognizes the different types. "Mo!" (Motorcycle), "Apane Car!" (Airplane), "Chain Car!" (Train), "Chuck!" (truck) and the classic, "CAR!". I also found out he can recognize and say "Buzz" in reference to Buzz Lightyear. I don't even know where he learned that. We don't own Toy Story (though I wish we did), and I don't know if he has ever seen it.

I need to go finish the cleaning, and hopefully get Tommy don't for a nap. He has been struggling staying asleep today, so we will see how it goes.