Thursday, September 25, 2008

Yay for Packages!

I just got a package, and it inspired me to write this blog as a shout out to flylady. Who is flylady, some of you are asking? She is my sanity and the person who keeps my household running smoothly. Her real name is Marla Cilley. Check out her website at Basically, it's a home organization system for people whose minds work like mine, but it is also much more then that. I truly believe that she is an inspired woman, who is helping thousands of people. My package had my calendar and my dryer cleaning kit, and I am super excited to use both. I guess that shows that I am a nerdy mom type person now, when I get really excited about household tools. I do though! I love having good tools! Anyway, this post is dedicated with gratitude to the wonderful flylady. I'm off to calendar now.

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