Sunday, February 22, 2009

Still sick

Well, that whole fever thing with Gabe just seemed to be the kickoff to our cold and flu season extravaganza of illness. Gabes fever stuck around, though not as bad, and then turned into a nasty cold with lots of congestion, coughing and a runny nose (so gross on a toddler). The cold that I have had for two weeks stuck around and just got worse. Then Tommy started getting congested and now he has a cough and it's the SADDEST thing when your tiny little baby can't eat because he can't breath and he is so sad about life. Yesterday Heidi started getting congested and in the evening Tari got home from work and crawled into bed all sick. So, the whole house is down with whatever it is. I am thankfully coming out of it, so I can take care of people. It's still sad though. Ontario says to say that he is sick and loving it. It's one of the few times he can lay around in bed, take a break and not feel guilty about it. Poor guy...enforced vacation. 

In other news we are going to California next month. I'm super excited. We will be in San Francisco for 2 days, and Monterey for 2 days. It's going to be a very quick visit, but I can't wait. Ontario and I have never gone together before, and I am excited to show him around. Also, I'm excited to show Gabe and Tommy the beach. I love the ocean...I miss it. 

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