Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our Other New Arrival

Some of you know about our other new arrival just before Thomas Gregson: Paper Pilot.  (Paper Pilot is a video game for iPhone and iPod touch where you race a paper airplane around 3D levels.)  It went on the App Store a couple weeks ago and it has just been growing up so fast.

First, it was highlighted in the US section "Staff Favorites."

Then sales really picked up in Europe and it was added to the section "New and Noteworthy" and also on the main iTunes Europe page.  This is helpful because anything featured in "New and Noteworthy" gets special precedence when users are browsing apps on their device:

And just today it hit two more milestones: Paper Pilot got featured in Europe and broke into the top 100 iPhone apps in the US iTunes store:

As sales increase toward an unavoidable plateau and decline, Paper Pilot will be updated with more features and marketing to help push that plateau up higher and later if possible.  I'll post about other additions after they happen, but the most exciting one will be dogfighting against other paper airplanes!

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