Thursday, October 16, 2008

Funnest Week So Far!

So, our computer is down and our neighbors moved away, taking their internet with them. That means that I stopped updating the blog really. However, we are someplace with internet, so I'm going to turn the keyboard over to my husband so he can give you all a quick update on our lives:

This has been the MFW, the Most-Fun-Week.  I entered a programming competition at school for a 3G iPod touch, and just missed it getting second place and a Mac programming book for the prize.  But I also won the suprise raffle at the end for another 3G iPd touch.  The next day I was layed off, so more time with Meggan and Gabriel!  We've been eating out a lot with the gift cards we've accumulated and running important errands together.  It's been so nice.  We jumped right onto job searching and I have found some good contracts that should be more lucritive that my last set up- so everything is good!  We feel bad for my old boss who feels like he failed the company when he had to let half of it go a week ago. 

We just feel very blessed. It's been a good learning experience, and also a nice reminder of how much we like spending time together as a family. It's hard to see getting layed off as a trial when everything that has come from it so far has been a real blessing. We are just really happy and enjoying whatever adventure this brings. Now we are off to Red Robin for lunch. Hurray for gift cards!

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