Monday, June 2, 2008

Yesterday was our first day starting church at 1:20pm, as opposed to 8:00am, as it has been. It was kind of nice, having a relaxing morning, getting in some last minute lesson prep, and then heading off to church. We had a wonderful sacrament, with some really powerful testimonies born. I got a little sad thinking it would be my last fast sunday in this ward. I have really liked being here.

We also had a great evening. Gabe's mouth was really hurting him, so we went on a walk to distract him. We followed the same general path we went on when I was in labor with him, so it was somewhat of a stroll down memory lane. It was also the first time we had gone on a family walk since that day. Sad, but true. I think that is something I want to do more this summer. Maybe we will make it part of our evening routine to take a walk after dinner. It was so nice being outside, spending time together.

Gabe reminds me of a young James Dean today. He is sporting a tight white onesie, some dark wash jeans, rolled up, and a of course a very cool hairdo. He couldn't be more 50's if he tried! He wants so much to be walking, it's sometimes distressing for him. He is making great progress though.

For some reason I feel like a blog entry doesn't count if I don't include a picture. So here is a cute shot of Gabe and Ethan napping together the day before the Pauls moved. It makes me realize just how big Gabe is getting!

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