Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Free Babysitting

I just talked to my brother Evan, and he told me that plans are moving forward, and he will be coming out in July. He is going to be moving in with us for an unspecified period of time. I guess we all know what that means: Live in free babysitting! Just kidding, although I don't think Evan even reads my blog. No, seriously I'm excited to have him come out. I haven't really gotten to hang out with him for a few years, what with overlapping missions, and then living across country from each other. It's going to be a party!

In other news, I took my friend Heidi up to SLC yesterday. She went to the chiropracter, and I went on a lovely walk around Temple Square with Gabe. It was a really fun excursion. We also had a nice picnic lunch that my wonderful husband made me. Spinach, tomato, and provolone sandwiches. Yum. We also got some neat pictures, which I will post once I get my camera back from Heidi.

My son is crawling around in his diaper, eating my cellphone. He has one of those gimpy crawls, where it seems as if only one legs works for actually crawling. I want to get a video of it, cause it's so darn cute and funny. Speaking of Gabriel, he is exhausted and it looks like naptime has come again. Later, ya'll.

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Krilafis said...

I am so excited for Evan, for Joe, for the new baby, for everything! I can't believe how amazing this next semester will be. Your new house came just in time for all this family wholesome goodness to come into your life. Heavenly Father sure knows what he is doing.

I love you. Thanks for the pictures. Be sure to send more ASAP. I have a picture book project I am working on for Gabe's first birthday and I need all the pictures and funny stories I can get from ya'll.