Wednesday, July 13, 2011


"Mom, could you please come help me find some clean underpants?"
"Sure, Gabe"
"Thanks, I made some but they were too tight"
"You made some?"
"Um, what did you make them out of?"
"It's okay, they were just too little and tight, so I just need other ones"
"Yeah, I will find you some cloth ones, but can you show me the ones you made?"
"Okay, these ones!" (holds up a piece of paper with pieces of tape stuck to it)
"Yeah, I can see why those didn't work as well"


Prism said...

I, personally, CAN NOT WAIT to see what that boy does to the future!!! Look out world!

Krilafis said...

He is so creative and imaginative! They all are! You are a mommy to very smart little boys. It is amazing that they are so gorgeous to boot!

I like the new layout!

Jessica Clay said...

I think Daniel just laughed so hard he cried :)