Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nothing important

It's raining right now. Hard. I opened the blinds to show the boys, and it looked like a mini niagra outside our window. I showed Gabe and he asked where the waterfall was coming from. I told him the sky. It makes me happy, because I love rain, but sad, because I like rain especially when my husband is here to enjoy it with me. He has been on a business trip for the last two days, and won't be getting back until after midnight tonight. I am missing him. I should think up some wonderful welcome home surprise for him, but it might end up just having the house clean. We shall see.

I went to the temple this morning, and it was wonderful. It was my first time going to the Manhattan temple, and I just loved it. All temples are beautiful, but this was one was especially lovely. I got to go with a good friend, so that was extra nice.

I am working on a more interesting blog post, reviewing my top ten alphabet books. I have to make one ore two more library trips and then I will be able to finish it. How wonderful are public libraries? They are some of my favorite places.

Well, I am going to go read stories with my kids and maybe clean my room a little. Hurrah!

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Alice of UT said...

hey meggan, I saw manhatten temple too, but I didn't know that building was temple. I thought that was a church building as a City version :-)