Saturday, April 2, 2011

I love Craigslist!

This is the AMAZING armoire we scored on craigslist yesterday. The best part? It was FREEEEEE!

Points of awesomeness:
1. Solid wood construction, really well built. Also super heavy, but that's what you get with quality!
2. Paint job. It's black on the outside, and olive green on the inside. I really like it.
3. Made in Italy, specifically Florence, my home away from home. Yay!
4. It's designed to be used for clothes OR electronics (note the place for a curtain rod or electric cords), so it's extremely versatile
5. It's pretty. It is a style I would have chosen if I was actually shopping for something, and not just emailing every available armoire on the free section of craigslist
6. Did I mention it was free?

Anyway, I am super excited. I was originally going to use it for food storage, but I like it so much I kind of want to convert it into my desk area. Or possibly my sewing nook. The boys have been using it as a sweet playhouse, as evidenced by the last picture. I haven't decided what it's final job will be, but I am happy to have it be mine!


christine! said...

UNbelievable!! We've been looking for one of those forever!!

Way to go... I LOVE Craigslist... Now if only they'd use it here...

Krista Lou Cook said...

That is so great! Hooray for a great Craigslist find and such a savvy searcher!

Darcy said...

I too heart the craiglist mucho! I bought an awesome jogging stroller for 30 bucks. It is amazing ( normally goes for 100-200) SUWEET. That is one awesome amoire, even if you had to pay for it so the fact it was free is even better. WOO HOO