Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lack of Inspiration

"Help, help, I'm being oppressed!"
"Did you see my house oppressing me?"

Okay, so I may have paraphrased a little, but that is pretty much how I am feeling right now. Here is a list of things that are oppressing me:

1. My orange couch covers. I don't even like orange that much to begin with, and I have had these large, citrus eyesores for over 3 years now. I think one of the main reason I don't decorate is because my couches do not inspire me. At all. They just get messy (very quickly) and dirty (also very quickly) and I can't ever think of anything that really "matches" that I would want to decorate with. I am sure they would be perfect for someone, but I am ready for a change.

2. My kitchen. I have so little useable space, and I have more things than have homes. So It doesn't ever really look clean, even when it is. Also, it could use a good paint job.

3. My living room. I keep dreaming of having a peaceful haven, that I want to retreat to. But instead I have a badly organized room with a big orange lump in the middle. Not the place I want to retire to at the end of the day so I can read and relax.

4. The lighting. I like having a variety of lighting....natural, bright, soft, different combinations depending on time of day and my mood. I have some lamps, but they are currently missing lamp shades, so they aren't very useful. I just hate incandescent lighting when I am wanting to wind down and relax.

5. My bedroom. My bedroom can be arranged in only one way that is even slightly useable. It is not the most graceful, or pleasing, or I am sure, "feng shui" method of arranging the furniture. It's just the only one that lets you access all the doors and keeps the furniture in the room that needs to be there. I am very tired of that particular arrangement.

All of this oppression and lack of inspiration also means that my house isn't staying as clean as I would like. It's hard to motivate oneself to clean a room that doesn't look *that* much better when you are done. It just feels a little fruitless.

Now, this isn't just a post to whine about how I don't like my house. It's actually a post where I am recording the things that are bothering me about my house, in the hopes that as I identify them, I can also identify solutions. Number 2, for example, lets me know that I need to de-clutter, re-organize my cupboards, re-evaluate what I have in my kitchen, and maybe ask the landlords if I can paint. I can almost guarantee I would do a better job then the last people who painted it, seeing as how they missed a section of wall. I might even ask if I could paint it a color, just to make it a little more interesting and exciting.

I also know that if I start going through my house and getting rid of things, that I will feel better. I can rearrange the living room, try to figure out some lighting options, and maybe even figure out a new couch cover. Really, anything has to be better (except the couches that are underneath the covers, unfortunately). I will also start looking for pictures to inspire me. I will just make it a goal to make my house as comfortable and homelike as I can within the limitations that I have. Hopefully as there is some improvement, I will be inspired to make more. I am also hoping that as my house improves, my routines will fall into place more, and I can get my home to a manageable point before the baby comes. I want it to be easy for other people to maintain things while I am recovering, so that it can be a happy, peaceful experience for all involved.

What inspires you?


Prism said...

If you can round up a sewing machine, I will sew you new covers when I come out! I am also good at window trims, & decorating! (So is Em, now that I think about it!)

Krilafis said...

Your sister is coming out too! You are so bad at telling me things now. Which is sad, since you see me pretty regularly! You big stinker.

Brittons of Provo said...

Marie, I already have a sewing machine, it's just pretty crappy. I keep having issues with the tension, and I have no idea how to fix it. It's a 1970's Kenmore I got off of freecycle. I might take it up to Tooele and ask Aunt Jeanne to look at it for me. Also, when you say "Em" do you mean our cousin Emily? I don't know if she would really be available.

Krissie, I am a lame-o for not telling you things. But, in my defense, Marie hadn't actually confirmed she was coming yet, we had just discussed the possibility. So I didn't actually have any news to tell you yet.

apicaaday said...

i love to look at pottery barn and see all the rooms that they put together. not that ANY corner of my house looks like that but it helps me visualize a decor that goes together but isn't too matchy matchy. OOO! also there is this cool thingy you can do with fabric and starch i'll have to try and find it to send to you....

apicaaday said...
here it is. also thier DIY page is very inspireing

Brittons of Provo said...

Thanks Pica! I love looking at Pottery Barn too...although I usually end up sighing and thinking, "that would never last in my house...too breakable". It is very inspiring though. They had an outdoor porch that i loved. Thanks for the link, I will check it out. :)

Tim and Angela Johnson said...

Hi Meggan, I am sorry i haven't written you for so long! I miss you guys. Congratulations on the new baby coming. Also are you guys in the same place? Because I love it! Your orange couch covers are also delightful. I will forever be grateful to you for introducing me to fly lady. You're the best!

Krilafis said...

I love your new blogface. I love you too and the new little guy. Names? Barry says that he doesn't recommend his name, but the baby can have it as long as he gets a new one.

Genghizcohen said...

I would say cake, and possibly expand that into food in general. I have a very food-centric inspiration cycle. Also steampunk, music (have I ever thanked you for giving me so many good starting points for my musical taste, which I personally consider to be fantastic?), nature, except when it isn't inspiring, History viewed through a historical lens, my siblings except when they don't, and that occasional feeling of viriditas I got during season changes, which is the only thing I know of that can get me to properly clean my room.

Was that helpful?

Prism said...

When I said Em, I meant Emma not Emily--you have never had a room redone until Emma has redone it! Truly! Ask Ali about HER curtains!