Thursday, February 18, 2010

meanderings of my brain

My house is a complete mess right now. Last night I picked up 12 HUGE* bags of clothes from freecycle. It was a completely random mix, and I have been sorting clothes all day. I am now trying to get rid of the things we can't use, and make some kind of sense of the things we can. It's definitely going to be a two day project.

There was quite a lot of baby girl clothes, which we won't know if we need until mid-March. Going through all of them of course made me hope we are having a girl, since they have the cutest little dresses and outfits! Also, I happen to know that if we had a girl she would be quite beautiful. I won't tell you how I know, and neither will Tommy. Let's just say I hope his sisters get his eyelashes and curly hair.

My wonderful aunt sent Gabe a box of matchbox cars and toy dinosaurs. He has been playing with them all day. Tommy and Jack prefer the dinosaurs, but Gabe (of course) loves the box of cars. He just carries it around and asks "Where's Gabe's car box?" It's pretty cute.

Last night my phone rang at 3:00am. That never means good news. I woke up groggily to see who it was..."caller Unknown". I answer, to hear my sister (who lives far away in another state where it was currently 5:00am) saying, "Hello? Elise?" I explained, that no, I wasn't Elise, to which she responded, "Meggan? What are you doing up at this hour?" Um...answering my phone. Once my sleepy brain figured out that she was not calling to tell me that someone had died, but was just trying to call her early morning seminary student for their regularly scheduled class, and skype had just misdialed me, I hung up and went back to sleep. It was pretty funny...this morning, when I was awake enough to appreciate it.

*The footnote has nothing to do with the bags of clothes. Just writing that sentence reminded me of a sign that Evan and I saw today. It said, "HUGH Sale on Saturday!". I wanted to take a picture and send it to anyone I know named Hugh.


Vanessa said...

I am pretty sure that girls are for dressing up and boys are for playing with . They just don't make boys quite as fun as girls. I personally pray that my kids don't get curly hair. I just look at the amount of effort involved in maintaining such a thing and realize I am much too lazy. It got to the point with Naomi's hair that I finally would take her directly from the bathtub and put tons of gel in it and put two french braids in. It was really cute and I didn't have to worry about it for a few days. Then she cut a bunch off. We have had fewer braids since then. So sad.

Hahahah I would imagine I know that sister who is calling at 3:00 am. That would be really funny.

Prism said...

Yeah--funnier for those of us who are awake!

Miss(ed) Eloquence said...

If you do get a pic of the HUGH sale sign - Uncle Rex's middle name is Hugh. LOL