Monday, November 23, 2009


So, I thought I would post about how fun Halloween was, or how cute the boys are, some of the other exciting things we have been up to, but I haven't. I keep wanting to post pictures to, but again, I am sadly lacking in the picture department. Instead you get my ramblings from 3:45 am. "What?" you say..."why did she stay up so late?!?". The answer, dear reader (if there are actually readers, a fact I sometimes question considering how often I update) is that I didn't. Nope, I went to bed at 10:00 pm, which is actually LATE for us these days. But, the boys are sick and Gabe has been hacking and coughing for 45 minutes. So, I got up and gave him some medicine and cough syrup and a drink of water so he could sleep, and propped him up on his pillows so he could breathe a little easier. Now he is sleeping peacefully, but I am wide awake.

Here is what I have been thinking about lately:

1. Next year. I think we will be moving next year. That thought makes me happy and sad, as moving usually does. On the one hand, I am ready for a new house. I like this one, and it has served us well, but we are growing out of it. Also, the floor plan kind of drives me crazy. Also, in the last two weeks our toilet seat broke, 3 of our cupboard doors fell off, the caulking came off the kitchen sink, and the caulking came out of the shower. Plus the kitchen is pretty terrible in general (although I like how big and airy it is). On the other hand, I really, really love this ward. It's one of my favorite wards I have ever lived in in my whole life. I love the friends here, I like the calling, I like the feel of the neighborhood, I like all the extra stuff we do. I will be very sad when it is time to go. So, I think next May/June we will try to find a nice single family rental home. I would like a yard, and I want to move in time to get a garden in. Alice finishes school in May, and we might have to wait until she is done, but right around then is when I think we will be going.

2. Books. Right now I am reading somewhat of a mix. "Belles on Their Toes" by frank and LIllian Gilbreth. This is the continuing story of the Gilbreth family from "Cheaper by the Dozen". I have read it many times before, but it is a classic and I can read it again and again. "The Kingdom Keepers" by Ridley Pearson. This one I am not very far into, but it has an interesting premise - a group of teenagers get hired to be models for holographic guides for The Magic Kingdom (Disney World). They end up becoming holograms and discovering the dark secrets at night behind in the scenes in one of America's most beloved theme parks. "Birth" by Tina Cassidy. I picked this one up from the library as I was browsing the other day. It's a history of birth, and how the different ways we give birth kind of happened. I am not very far into it, but once again, it's a subject I am very interested in. I have been looking for a comprehensive history of obstetrics and midwifery. I will let you know what I think.
Assorted Agatha Christies. What can I say...there is a reason they call her the, "Queen of Crime". I can't get enough of that Dame. "Peter and the Starcatchers" by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. I have been wanting to read this one ever since I first saw it on the shelves. I am enjoying it so far, but I got stuck for awhile, because I accidentally left it at the dentists office. "Alcatraz and the Evil Librarians" by Brandon Sanderson. My niece just returned home, but while she was here she shared with me her love of all things by Brandon Sanderson. So I thought I should check him out. In a literary way of course. I am happily married, even though Brandon does teach at BYU, so I could probably meet him if I really wanted to. Last but not least, "The Kingfisher Illustrated Dictionary of Dinosaurs" by some science guy. Joe and April invited us to go to the BYU Paleontology museum last Monday as our FHE. Gabe hadn't really been introduced to dinosaurs before, but now he thinks they are very cool. That is the book he picks pretty much every time. I am actually learning quite a lot about theropods and the carnosaurs and what cretaceous means. Having children can be very educational.

3. Parties. I like parties. I like hosting and throwing parties. I like getting to know people, and I really like cooking and creating fun party menus. I have a couple of party ideas brewing that I have been wanting to do for some time. That being said, I don't know when they will actually happen. Going back to section 1 on this post, I really hate the floor plan of this house. It is not conducive to parties. One of the best parties I have ever attended was a tea party by my friend Krista in MD. She didn't just make a few little sandwiches and a few mugs of herbal tea. Oh no...this girl went all out. She spent weeks shopping for real china cups and saucers. None of the dishes matched, but they were a lovely hodgepodge of china. The best part? The let everyone take theirs home as their party favor. HOW COOL IS THAT? I know...someday I will be able to be that awesome of a hostess.I still have my's black and white china with a rooster on it. Much prettier than it sounds....kind of that old school french style. As for food, she had scones and teacakes, and tiny little sandwiches, and clotted cream, and lemon curd, and something like six different kinds of tea. It was the tea party I dream of. I have been wishing I could do one similar ever since. The other party I want to do is a mocktail party. I want to make some yummy drinks (maybe pina' coladas and daiquiris) and have everyone dress up in cocktail dresses. The main reason I want to do this party is so I can make the hors d'ouvres for it. In March we visited my old boss, and he showed me some of the new hors d'ouvres he had been working on. Combined with the old ones I used to make, all I can is...yum. I would have fandangos, and cold spoons, and those mushroom thingies, and figs wrapped in prosciutto, and tons of others. And they would be delicious. I am hungry just thinking about it.

4. My kids. They are so darned cute! They are finally at an age where they can play together, and it is so fun to watch. They will talk and laugh, and take turns being silly. Tommy loves to follow Gabe around, and both of them hate it when the other one is sleeping and unavailable. We have had many discussions about not waking up your brother. I am glad they want to be together though. The other day Gabe was playing with a hand mirror and he stuck it under his chin, mirror side up. All of a sudden he looked down (into the mirror) and started freaking out and stumbling around. I think seeing the reflection of the ceiling made him think that the floor had disappeared, and he was about to fall over the edge. It was so funny. I had to take the mirror away and he got his balance back and then said, "woow....sad!". I laughed so hard. Tommy is just a cute smiley guy all the time. Well, most of the time. Right now he is cutting his top two teeth, he has had this nasty cold for over a week, and he has a diaper rash. He has been a pretty sad baby. But aside from that he is cute and happy and a joy to be around. Alice is also cute, though in a different way. The other day I got a text from her that said, "In Marketing class I forget we have big test. But I get A! I think I'm genius!" Haha...she is so cute! I love having her as part of our family, and I am glad that she will be here the whole school year.

5. My husband. He is so awesome. I love him! He is awake right now, doing some work just to give us a little extra this month so that things won't be too tight. He is amazing. Also, he is funny. We still laugh. The other night at Wal Mart we were laughing so hard I may or may not have snorted loudly in a public place. I am glad we are still friends and can have so much fun hanging out. He is also a great dad, and I love watching him with the boys. They love him too, and it's cute to watch them try to be like their daddy.

6. Now I am starting to think about my bed. I think it's time to return to the land of slumber. Speaking of, I got a couple of blankets off of freecycle, so now we actually have bedding that fits our bed. It is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. We live in the basement, and the cement walls get cold at night. So it's nice that their is enough blanket that no one is left next to the freezing wall with no insulation (and just for the record, that someone was usually Ontario....poor guy). Anyway, I think I will follow my children's lovely example. Good night all!


The Andersons said...

yay, meg you are on stephmodo! so, so, so cute I can't wait to see the real thing. soon I hope.

Shannon said...

Sorella - I wanted to leave a comment that I saw your lovely family pics on today and it made me so happy (and then I saw that you just posted - love that!) I always love an update from you. Your life sounds so happy - and of course it doesn't surprise me because you have a gift for making your life that way.

I sure love you.

*Can you believe yesterday marks 3 years since we've been home? Mamma mia..!

Prism said...

Yay for Alice the Genius!!! K says "hi" and "onion!" and she really misses her--and I miss you! also, K says "Yay for reading Alcatraz!"