Friday, November 7, 2008


We are currently in Maryland visiting Ontario's family. We are actually leaving today to drive up to NY where his brother Ben lives and attend the blessing of Ben and Robins sweet new little girl Felicity. I am super excited.

1. I love being back in Maryland. This is the first time I have visited when it wasn't all cold and snowy since my mission. It smells SOO good. I realize it's November, but it's about 65 degrees, overcast, and humid. I love it. It's so pretty.

2. I haven't been to NYC since I was abotu 14. I have never been there with Ontario. It's going to be really awesome.

3. We get to see Johnny for the first time since his mission! Yay! This will be the first time I have seen Johnny in 3 1/2 years.

4. We also get to see Felicity for the first time. The pictures say she is a cutie, but I can't wait to give her some snuggles.

5. We also get to see all the rest of Ontario's family, whom I love. They are wonderful. They are so welcoming and loving everytime we come. I am just feeling very happy to be here.

6. Our flight yesterday was awesome. Actually, the whole trip went so smoothly it was almost disturbing. Gabe was cute and fun on the hour long first flight that was super cramped. During the really long wait to get off the plane, he started playing with the little boy sitting behind us and was laughing so hard that everyone had to turn around and look. It was pretty cute. The second flight was almost empty, so we got a whole row to ourselves. Gabe stretched out and slept for most of it, and then woke up and was happy the last hour. I was very nervous about how he would like being penned up for so long, but it ended up not being an issue. I felt very blessed the whole time.

On a less happy note, I didn't get to sleep until 3:30 last night, and then Gabe woke up every hour after that screaming. I am not sure what the problem was...I think he's teething again. It always seems to strike during the night. He will be fine in the day, and then sleeping becomes a huge painful ordeal. After the 2nd or 3rd time my wonderful husband (who hadn't got to sleep at all yet, since he was trying to get his homework finished) took him and I got to finally sleep. I love Ontario. I also love that Gabe is now sleeping peacefully and will hopefully be in a much better mood when he wakes up.


Melissa said...

way to go ontario! way to let your wife get some sleep.

and that's pretty amazing that gabe was so good on such a long flight. i've been on much shorter flights with my nephews when they were teething... yeah.

good luck on the flight home!

awesomeweirdo said...

What!! And you didn't tell me! I'm in VA! Hello! Are you still in the area, or are you gone now?

Hidleberry said...

Well, we weren't actually in MD that long. We got in late Thursday night and then left for NY the next day. We got back to MD just in time to catch our flight this morning. However, next time we are having an extended vacation in MD I will be sure to let you know:)

Brittons of Provo said...

woops...I somehow replied to Heathers comment logged in as my friend Heidi. Haha..

And Melissa, you are right...I have an amazing husband, and an amazing baby. He slept all the way home, too. Hooray!

Krilafis said...

new blog:

Krista Lou Cook said...

Hey! 1. I didn't know you had a bog! Cool! 2. Your in town!