Friday, May 23, 2008


We had our first medical adventure with Gabe this week. Monday night he was sitting on the bed crawling around. He sat up a little too close to the edge and tipped off backward, landing on the exercise bike (which usually lives in the living room). He was crying and acting weird and disoriented for about an hour, so we called some family and friends, who agreed that we should take him in. Ontario gave him priesthood blessing, and then we took him to the hospital.

We got to sit around the ER for a few hours while various nurses and doctors would come in and check him out every once in a while. Our good friends had kindly come with us, and during the wait times they regaled us with stories of their visits to the ER. It all ended with Gabe getting a CT scan (which he held very still for, despite being awake) and everything checking out. He did have a definite concussion, but it didn't seem to have caused any internal bleeding. They said we could take him home, and just to keep an eye out for losing consciousness or vomiting.

During the night he would wake up occasionally, and the only thing that would calm him down was having his daddy carry him around and sing to him. Once he was calm enough, he would bring him to me to nurse and we would all sleep for a few more hours. It made me very grateful for Ontario, and that he is such a good dad to Gabe and such a supportive husband to me.

The next day Tari worked from home to help out. Gabe was sad and clingy all morning, just wanting cuddles. Then around noon he projectile vomited (NOT what we wanted to see) so we took him back to the doctor. They checked him again and said everything else was okay, and to give him some tylenol and keep him under observation. The rest of the day was spent cuddling sad sick baby.

Everything seemed to be going well until the next day (Wednesday) when he projectile vomited AGAIN, 4 times. We headed back to the doctor (Gabe can recognize the pediatricians office now) and they did another check. All of his other symptoms were fine, so they said we could take him home, but if he vomited again that he would need another CT scan. Luckily, that was the last of the vomiting. He has been getting back to normal, and seems to be doing just fine today. It was a sad and scary couple of days though.

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Emily M said...

Yikes. I have always worried about that the hundreds of times my boys have hit their heads. I am so glad that it wasn't serious and that he is happy now. He is such a cutie. We will really have to get together if we come to Utah again. I'm excited to find your blog. I had no idea. Will you guys be at the reunion? And you're expecting? You go girl. Seriously.